Summary of the Hyper Burst

Hyper Burst, developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, is propelled by the dormant power of volcanoes. Hyper Burst, albeit having simplified characteristics, may nonetheless draw in a wide variety of modifiers during respins. The end product is a game with dynamics not dissimilar from those of the volcano it depicts. That is to say, Hyper Burst can be inactive for long stretches of time, yet then suddenly explode with devastating force.

At first glance, Hyper Burst may remind you of the slot Tahiti Gold, although it’s not quite as dark. The distant volcano isn’t nearly as menacing as it is in ELK’s rendition. Hyper Burst is more romantic. Like the opening of Coming to America, you may see yourself floating over the misty woods and turquoise lake as ‘Over the Rainbow’ plays on a ukulele in the background.

Hyper Burst changes the game once it gets rolling. The noises are frightening enough to start. When significant victories occur, it sounds like some kind of strange island ceremony is going place, with the drumming and chanting ramping up as the number of respins climbs. The drama rises to a high level.

Bets on Hyper Burst range from 10 cents to $100 every spin, and it may be played on any device. The RTP for this game is 96.02%, and it features a grid size of 6 reels by 4 rows by 25 paylines. The few paylines aren’t great at bringing in wins until huge symbols are formed using the features.

Theoretically, wins occur more frequently than once per five spins (22.3%). However, there are times when that may not be the case. The math model concludes with a medium/high volatility, so you shouldn’t count on going all the way with Hyper Respins too frequently.

You can win if three or more of the same symbols appear on a payline, left to right. The four masks in blue, green, purple, and red serve as motifs for the Gold series premiums. Six of a type pays a premium of four to eight times the initial wager. Jack-Ace card royals are the lowest-paying combination, returning just 1-2 times the wager for a full house.

The golden wild can appear in any location and stand in for any other icon. It is also the most lucrative tile in the game, with 100x multipliers for sets of six, with the possibility of landing a line of wilds increasing as their size grows. That rounds up the image of Hyper Burst’s symbols. Even though there are no scatter symbols, the game’s high points are frequently created by the vast respins function.

Functions of the Hyper Burst

Although Hyper Respins are the sole main feature, various ancillary ones branch off of it to improve the gameplay. Each time you win, you’ll enter Respin Mode, which grants you access to exclusive extras. During the initial re-spin, two of the center four reels will merge into a single 2×2 enormous lava reel. With each victory in Respin Mode, the lava reel expands for another respin. The next step up increases the size of the enormous lava reel to 3×3, and then to 4×4, at which point it is referred to as a Giga reel (no related to Giga Blox).

Hyper Mode replaces Respin Mode when the 4×4 reel is in use. Here, not only do victories still result in further spins, but the wins themselves are multiplied. The multiplier begins at 2, increases to 4, then 5, and finally 10, should you continue to win. If a string of wins is kept up, the number of respins can grow infinitely.

verdict on hyper burst

It seems like Yggdrasil borrowed some ideas for Hyper Burst from their partner company, Avatar UX. Hyper Burst is a slot machine that, like the PopWins series, aims to set players on a hot streak in which the game’s features build upon one another to become more larger and more rewarding. That’s how it’s like Yggdrasil’s Valley of the Gods 2, too. When many Hyper Respins work together, they may be just as enjoyable as the Egyptian-themed sequel. The ground-rattling noises are a lovely touch added by the Yggdrasil sound crew, adding to the overall experience.

While it’s true that all it takes is a spark to ignite a volcano, sparks may also go out on their own with no fanfare. To get the most out of Hyper Burst, you need to play it all the way through, or at least until you’ve progressed quite a ways. Part of the way meant victories in the 200x+ zone during testing, although exceeding that number was quite unusual. After a volatile session, the bankroll landed roughly where it had begun.

There are a lot of pointless single and double respins. Still, despite all that, Valley of the Gods 2 is quite rewatchable. Hyper Burst has a massive payout potential of 12,800 times the initial wager, and all it takes is a single winning roll to cash in. Even though it would take an extremely long series of respins to accomplish this, simply knowing that it is theoretically conceivable makes it simple to keep coming back for more.

Dead spins, or sequences of respins that are more of a tease than a pleasure, may be annoying. Still, Hyper Burst is a great illustration of a game that can succeed without the standard free spins bonus, so give it a try if you enjoy long cascading sequences and powerful respins.

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